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Plastic and metal dustbin models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

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Plastic and metal dustbin models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

Plastic and metal garbage bins used indoors and outdoors are equipment used for collecting various wastes. With their different types, garbage bins, where many small and large garbage is thrown away, appeal to all businesses with their various volumes. You can get what you need by examining many products from office dustbins to recycling bins in this category.

Metal garbage cans are garbage cans especially used in offices. They can be placed in common areas as well as under the staff work desks. While perforated dustbins are generally suitable for wastes such as paper under desks, metal dustbins can also be used in different areas by placing bags inside. Lidded and pedal bins are also among the alternatives.

Recycling is one of the environmental actions taken for a more livable world. Waste bins produced to contribute to recycling are designed as 3 separate boxes to collect different wastes. Paper, plastic and metal wastes can be separated in recycling bins. These bins can be used indoors as well as in the outdoor areas of businesses.

Another model offered to businesses in the garbage cans category is ashtrays. Outdoor ashtrays are found in many businesses from restaurants to hospitals, factories to offices. Ashtrays, where cigarette butts are thrown, help to collect other garbage with the trash can reservoir underneath.

Plastic garbage bins are large boxes where businesses collect all their garbage together. Thanks to plastic garbage bins, which are also used in areas such as apartments and sites, municipalities can easily collect garbage. These products have different volumes according to the place to be used. Wheeled and large-volume plastic garbage cans can be used where there is a lot of waste.


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