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Bolted Storage Rack Systems

The durable and flexible storage solution used to meet storage needs, known as bolted warehouse shelving systems, is built on a bolt system, as the name suggests. Bolted rack systems, utilized in various settings from industrial warehouses to archives, can be manufactured in standard dimensions or customized according to customer requirements.

Bolted Storage Rack Systems

Shelf systems that easily come together with metal frames and bolts become a sturdy structure with profile legs. Bolted shelf systems typically rely on support from the wall and are mounted there. If they are to be mounted in the middle of warehouses instead of on the wall, support must be obtained from the upper part.

Features of Bolted Shelf Systems

Bolted shelves provide convenience to businesses with their easily adjustable structure. This allows them to be easily adapted to storage areas. Bolted shelf systems in modular design can be expanded and modified as needed.

The use of durable materials is important for both the safety of stored materials and their long-term use. Long-term use also provides a cost advantage.

Another feature that distinguishes bolted shelf systems is their ability to carry loads of different weights. Light loads can be carried on these shelves, and heavy loads of up to 120 kg can also be stored on the same shelf. The stability is ensured by changing the leg profiles according to the weight-carrying capacity.

Applications of Bolted Shelf Systems

Bolted shelf systems are a type of shelf that can be used in many areas. Industrial storage areas are one of the places where these shelves are preferred, and bolted shelf systems can also be seen in archives. Retail stores, office environments, and garages are some other places where assembly is done.

Bolted shelf systems can be adapted to every sector, as they can be customized according to the storage areas and needs in addition to classic dimensions.

Bolted shelf systems offer a storage-friendly, economical, and flexible solution. For these shelf systems to meet expectations, correct assembly and adherence to instructions are important. With the after-sales service provided, any issues can be resolved quickly, ensuring guaranteed long-term use.

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