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Supermarket Shelf Systems

In supermarket decoration, the goal is not only to properly arrange and place products but also, with the right equipment selection, to attract the attention of customers to the items on display, ultimately boosting the business's trade.

Supermarket Shelf Systems

The aim of supermarket decoration is not only the proper grouping and placement of products. With the right choice of equipment, the products offered for sale attract the attention of customers and this accelerates the trade of the business. With wall units, which are the first choice in an interesting supermarket design, the products are placed in an organized manner, while the work of the people working in the business becomes easier. With the different size options of the wall units used against the wall, many products can be displayed on the same unit, while order can be maintained in the supermarket. Undoubtedly, this makes the work of customers much easier.

Double-sided gondola units, which are among the equipment that offer practical shopping opportunities, allow you to make the most of the display areas.

While the supermarket design can be decided according to the economic and standard options, the space for movement within the business is also recognized. Customers can easily navigate between the aisles with market trolleys and easily reach the product they need.

Especially in supermarkets, the variety of products and high customer circulation creates other equipment needs. Market trolleys and shopping baskets make the time the customer spends shopping more enjoyable. With display pools and stands, you can highlight the product of the week or campaign products and attract customer attention. You can get support from complementary and auxiliary equipment such as discount labels and directional signs to announce the campaigns on the shelves and attract customers to the stand.

Another must-have equipment in a market is cash counters.

You can choose from various sizes according to the supermarket volume. In order to keep the customer queue at a minimum level and to make the work of the cashier staff even easier, you can also evaluate the banded market cash counters among the business needs.

Setraf provides equipment that will meet the needs of all businesses with its customer-specific working principle. With the shelf sizes having various dimensions, you can evaluate the space you want with wall units or double-sided gondola units. As well as different sizes in the units, various color works are also among the services offered. You can choose from white, gray and black unit options, or you can find the color of your supermarket or hypermarket within the services offered by Setraf.

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