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Sales support equipment models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

Material Plastic, Wood
Color Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Area of Use Supermarket, Construction Market, Butcher, Store, etc.

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Sales support equipment models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

Every store or market that sells products needs support equipment that will positively affect sales. Sales support equipment used to announce campaigns or discounts, to provide guidance within the store and to present product prices are among the important details that inform the customer.

In greengrocer's aisles, greengrocer's price tag is used to write the name and weight of the product, market shelf label holder is used to show the price of the products categorized in the aisles, and showcase labels are used to attract customers by showing the price of the products in the showcase. In short, there are different sales support equipment used in businesses to provide information about the product to the customer.

You can choose from the labels and signs you need to both visually enrich the sales stands and make it easier for the customer. For markets or butchers with meat departments, you can make a difference in your aisles by choosing black butcher price tags designed in various animal figures. You can easily write the information you want on the black price tags with a white pen, then erase and replace it with a new one.

Public day, opportunity and discount price tags support the sales strategies of the business. You can announce the highlights among your products on public days with these labels. Store discount labels attract attention to the discounted products in the aisles. In this way, the customer can see the discount label even before entering the aisle.

Numbered grocery labels are a type of label that is frequently seen especially in the grocery sections of grocery stores. While you can show the name and price of the product with numbers, you can make your labels more vivid with a product photo if you wish. In addition, you can put a black bakery price tag on the bakery products and present the price of each product directly to the customer.


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