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Pharmaceutical Warehouse Shelf Systems

The healthcare sector carries a significant responsibility in extending people's life limits. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for pharmacies and healthcare institutions to safely store medications and similar medical supplies. This is where pharmacy warehouse shelving systems come into play.

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Shelf Systems

In pharmacies with high customer circulation, the work of the staff is made easier with useful shelf systems and innovative solutions are offered with different solutions and designs. Wall units with various designs and sizes make the product attractive and easily accessible with the harmony it provides to every business, and it benefits the business in many ways. Thanks to shelf systems where customers can directly access products such as sunscreen, toothpaste, etc., the workload of pharmacy staff is reduced. The customer, who can see and examine the product directly, is directed to shopping by strengthening the connection between the product. For products such as medicines that the customer should not reach directly, wall units behind the counter provide security.

The functionality of gondola and wall units is a sought-after feature in both pharmacies and cosmetics stores.

Products can be easily accessed thanks to adjustable drawers, compartments that can be adjusted according to the size of boxes of medicines, etc. and pull-out shelves. Functionality brings freshness to the pharmacy and cosmetics store and strengthens customer confidence.

In pharmacies, there is a need for areas for storing medicines as well as inside the store. Super 1-2-3 galvanized light load storage system, which is made of galvanized raw material and produced only by bending without any welding process, has features that provide solutions to warehouse needs. With Super 1-2-3, which differs from other light load shelf systems, pharmacy products can be easily stored. With its snap-in system, the shelves can be easily adjusted between the shelves according to the product size. Thanks to this system with advanced technology design, you can easily store products such as medicines, etc. while you can easily find what you are looking for. 

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