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Setraf Offers Comprehensive Solutions in Your Retail Projects

The dynamic and competitive nature of the retail sector necessitates businesses to provide effective and efficient shopping experiences for their customers. Setraf, as a company driven by this understanding, aims to exceed customer expectations by implementing comprehensive retail projects.

<b>Setraf</b> Offers Comprehensive Solutions in Your Retail Projects

Setraf is a leading company in the market sector, implementing customer satisfaction-oriented projects for many years. From market shelf systems to display equipment, from complementary products to cooling systems, Setraf provides complete solutions to its customers' needs.

Innovative Market Shelf Systems

Setraf, maintaining its leadership in market shelf systems, meets every kind of retail need with its wide range of products. Our wall units strengthen the atmosphere of market aisles with their durability and aesthetic design, while aisle head and aisle side display units are part of shelf systems that enhance visibility to accelerate the sales cycle. Double-sided aisle units are the main product of market aisles and allow you to present your products to customers in an impressive way. Mini rack shelves provide superior performance and efficient solutions for heavy and bulky products, while bakery, fruit & vegetable units, and checkout counters allow you to display your product variety in perfect order.

Comprehensive Store Equipment

At Setraf, we also provide display equipment and auxiliary products to complement your market shelf systems. We aim to enrich the customer shopping experience with display equipment such as metal and plastic market carts, shopping baskets, display pools, and stands, as well as to increase operational efficiency with auxiliary products such as load-carrying carts, dry food silos, metal cabinets, and plastic boxes.

Comprehensive Cooling Systems

Setraf also provides solutions for cooling needs in the market sector, offering a rich range of products in the cold cabinet category. We provide special cooling solutions for all kinds of products from dairy, delicatessen, beverages, and cereals to meat, chicken, and fish. Our customized coolers such as ice cream, pastry, and butcher cabinets are offered in sizes suitable for your shop's needs and comply with the highest energy efficiency standards.

Integrated Projects and Full Solutions

Setraf makes a difference not only with product supply but also with its integrated project and full solution services in the field of market shelf systems. We develop turnkey market projects tailored to the concept and physical characteristics of your store. By focusing on optimizing customer traffic, maximizing efficiency in product display, and effective use of the sales point, we enrich your retail experience. The Setraf team brings together efficiency and aesthetics in every corner of your store, creating a unique shopping atmosphere that emphasizes your concept and brand identity.

Setraf is a reliable solution partner in the retail sector with its superior quality products and customer-oriented services developed by drawing inspiration from innovations in the sector in the field of market shelf systems, cooling solutions, and complementary equipment. We continue to offer the most suitable solutions for our customers' needs without compromising on quality and excellence. Make a difference in your store with Setraf and offer your customers an unforgettable shopping experience.


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