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Factory Warehouse Racking Systems

Factory warehouse racking systems are racking systems used in industrial institutions and factories to design, organize and easily access necessary materials in an orderly manner. These racking systems are used in factories to optimize storage spaces and efficiently organize stored products. Factory warehouse racking systems can be of different types and structures and can be designed in accordance with the requirements of the factory.

Factory Warehouse Racking Systems

Factory Warehouse Racking Systems Features

Factory warehouse racking systems, which can be of different types and have a wide usage network, have user-friendly features. These features are:

  • Materials to be stored in factories can often be heavy and large. For this reason, factory warehouse racking systems should have high loading authority. Shelving systems made of durable materials safely carry heavy loads.
  • It has designs in which shelf heights are adjustable in accordance with materials in different structures. Spaces are used more efficiently through this storage.
  • Various types of racks such as wheeled racks, pallet racks, steel rack systems can be used in accordance with the stored materials.
  • Factory warehouse racking systems are designed to ensure that materials are easily accessible. Shelf compartments and arrangements make it easy to store and quickly remove supplies.
  • Uses vertical storage areas to save storage space. High shelves make storage more efficient.
  • Provides fast and easy assembly. Thanks to these shelf systems, they are installed in a short time and made ready for use.

Factory Warehouse Racking Systems Usage Areas

Factory warehouse racking systems have a wide range of use, with the regular and effective storage of consumables in industrial enterprises and factories. Common usage areas of shelves:

Raw Material Storage

Raw materials and materials used in factories need storage. Racking systems ensure the containment and safe storage of raw materials and materials and help run the production system.

Product Storage

Manufactured products are stored before being packaged or shipped. Shelving systems allow products to be stored before shipping and easily accessible before shipment.

Parts and Accessories Storage

Parts, accessories and spare parts used in factories are stored in a regular and organized manner with shelf systems. In this way, quick access is provided on the assembly line and within the scope of maintenance.

Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Storage

Vehicle parts have an important place in automotive and other vehicle production facilities. Shelving systems allow the regular protection and use of used parts.

Chemical and Hazardous Material Storage

Some factories can be expected to contain hazardous and chemical materials. Shelving specially systems used for such materials are used and stored safely.

Packaging Material Storage

The packaging materials used in factories are important for its packaging and transportation. Shelf systems prevent packaging materials from being damaged, thus increasing customer satisfaction in packaging service.

Types of Shelves Used in Factory Warehouse Racking Systems

The types of shelves used in factory warehouse racking systems vary according to the type of material to be stored and the requirements of the factory. Some types of racks used as factory warehouse racking systems:

Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet racking systems are ideal for storing large and heavy loads. Pallets are placed on horizontally placed steel or metal racks. Material loads can be accessed by transport such as forklifts or pallet trucks. Pallet rack systems are preferred in places with intensive storage such as factories.

Hanging Shelving Systems

Suspended shelf systems; It is suitable for organizing products used in the textile, clothing, retail or manufacturing sector. Hanging rods are used to organize clothes or other items. In particular, the fact that items such as clothes and fabric are not wrinkled and damaged increases customer satisfaction.

Steel Racking Systems

Steel rack systems carry heavy loads thanks to their durable and robust structures. There are various types and sizes of shelving system used in a wide range of factories.

Wheeled Shelving Systems

Wheeled racking systems are preferred when the materials to be stored need to be evacuated. There are warehouses on the shelf systems, and thus the accessories are easily transmitted.

Sliding Rack Systems

Sliding rack systems are used to save space in storage. Providing access to the products by sliding the shelf sections to the sides allows for more efficient use of storage processes.

Modular Racking Systems

Modular shelving systems can carry items individually and shelves can be expanded easily. These systems add flexibility to storage management.

Adjustable Shelving Systems

Adjustable shelf systems have a structure in which shelf heights and partitions can be adjusted easily. Ideal for materials in different deliveries.

The types of shelves used in factory warehouse shelves are carried out in accordance with the storage requirements and factory operation. The most suitable racking systems are applied, taking into account the characteristics of the warehouse materials and the storage arrangement.

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