Shopping cart models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

Material Plastic
Size Options (mm) 7Lt, 22Lt, 28Lt, 43Lt, 54Lt, 70Lt
Color Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black
Area of Use Hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail chains, markets, grocery stores, discount stores, gross markets, cash & carry markets, electronics stores, toy stores, pet shops, pharmacies, gas stations, retail stores, cosmetics stores.

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Shopping cart models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

One of the indispensable products in markets and stores is shopping baskets. Shopping baskets, which are preferred for shorter shopping instead of large volume market carts, are suitable for every business with their product scale. Baskets used in supermarkets in addition to grocery carts are suitable for customers who will buy fewer products and whose shopping will not take long. In cosmetics stores or pharmacies, it is preferred because the products are not very large. In this way, customers can make practical shopping by using shopping baskets instead of large shopping carts.

The product range of shopping baskets is quite wide. Shopping baskets with a small volume and a single handle are ideal for cosmetics stores. Double-handled baskets with a slightly larger volume can be used in cosmetics stores as well as in grocery stores. With its double handle, customers can easily carry the products they buy. Wheeled and large shopping baskets stand out with their ability to carry more products. Wheeled shopping baskets are also divided into two as with and without handles. Those who want not to tire customers and provide more comfortable circulation in the market can choose wheeled shopping baskets with handles. Double compartment and wheeled baskets are another product group. Having two separate baskets in one cart allows the products to be transported separately. In this way, sensitive products can be separated from heavy products.

You can make choices from plastic and metal shopping baskets suitable for the concept of your business. If you prefer metal market carts, you can also harmonize with metal shopping baskets. You can affect your sales by creating color in the store with colorful and plastic shopping baskets. In addition, shopping baskets produced in different volumes are suitable for all businesses. You can decide by considering the product range sold in the business. Stacking all shopping baskets by nesting them together saves space in your business while preserving your order.


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