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Toy Store Shelf Systems

Toy stores contain many large and small products. For toys of various sizes, you can choose from the alternative shelf systems offered by Setraf.

Toy Store Shelf Systems

When choosing between shelves of different sizes and depths, you can easily place the toys and present them to the customer. With the Midi Rack shelving system, you can easily group toys and place all medium-load items. With Midi Rack, which is produced with different color options such as orange and blue, you can keep the energy of your toy stores higher and make them attractive.

Other shelving systems that can be used for both storage and display include Mini Rack, Super 1-2-3 and Unirack. While choosing among these shelving systems according to your needs, you can also decide according to the decoration details of your store. You can use metal products in toy storages or you can create a different atmosphere in the store.

Different design alternatives of wall units for toys and stationery items to be displayed on hangers are also offered with Setraf assurance.

You can evaluate many designs according to the size of your store, and if you wish, you can provide the shelf system in sizes that will adapt to the decoration of your business. You can find equipment that you can display various products such as promotional baskets at Setraf and design your store where customers will enjoy spending time.

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