Medium Duty Warehouse Rack Systems

Medium-duty warehouse rack systems, as the name suggests, are rack systems used for storing medium-weight products in warehouses. These systems are utilized to meet storage needs across various industries and are designed to optimize storage spaces.

Medium Duty Warehouse Rack Systems

Medium-duty warehouse rack systems offer significant advantages in production warehouse management by maximizing storage spaces with efficiency. These systems provide an excellent balance in terms of durability, ease of assembly, and accessibility, ensuring the secure preservation of products. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their storage systems.

Types of Shelves Used in Medium-Duty Warehouse Rack Systems

There are two types of shelves within medium-duty warehouse rack systems. One of them is unirack, which is offered as an alternative to Super 1-2-3. It adapts to businesses with galvanized raw material and different color options.

The unishelf rack system, on the other hand, operates on the logic of manual loading and unloading. It stands out among other products in its category by offering a significant stacking capacity.

Usage Areas of Medium-Duty Warehouse Rack Systems

Both product groups have different usage areas, including:

  • Chemical warehouses
  • Factory warehouses
  • Tire warehouses
  • E-commerce warehouses
  • Archive warehouses
  • Spare parts warehouses
  • Cold storage warehouses

Advantages of Medium-Duty Warehouse Rack Systems

Medium-duty warehouse rack systems provide a strong and durable storage solution for medium-weight products. These systems can safely preserve and store various loads, preventing damage. Additionally, the rack systems can be easily adjusted to match storage limits, allowing for adaptation to physical dimensions and weights. This results in increased storage speed.

With easy assembly and maintenance, medium-duty warehouse rack systems ensure long-lasting use when regularly maintained. Consequently, businesses reduce their costs.

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