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Plastic case models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

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Plastic case models, technical specifications, purchasing options and prices.

The areas of use of plastic boxes are quite wide. Plastic boxes, which are preferred for product display in the market or store, are also used for storage or transportation. While food products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and bread can be transported in plastic crates/boxes, industrial crates are preferred in enterprises such as factories.

Fruits and vegetables offered for sale in supermarkets are usually placed in plastic boxes in the aisles. These boxes make it easier to transport food from the warehouse and keep the products organized in the aisles. Crates produced from raw materials suitable for health are one of the solution partner equipment of businesses with their easy-to-clean structure. In bread crates, bread is transported from bakeries to markets, and in meat crates, products are transported from cold storage to butchers or meat departments of markets. You can choose from plastic crates in many different volumes and models according to the product you will carry or display.

Another area of use for plastic crates is warehouses. Plastic crates are preferred to provide order in shelf systems. Products can be grouped and stored in these crates. In this way, it is easier to find products and there is no confusion. In addition, the structure of plastic crates that allows them to be stacked on top of each other is another advantage that offers another privilege for regular warehouses.

Plastic boxes on wheels, known as large plastic crates, are ideal for transporting large-scale items from one place to another. Thanks to its wheels, it reduces the workload of the employee and saves time with its large internal volume. With different sizes and volumes, many items from fabric to spare parts can be transported with these crates.


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