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Bank Shelf Systems

Banks need shelving to store, protect and organize documents, files and other important materials in an orderly manner. Banks that produce large amounts of documents in customer service and daily operation, bank shelf systems are used to make their storage areas efficient. An efficient storage area provides banks with a space of confidentiality as well as easy access to documents.

Bank Shelf Systems

Bank shelf systems are made of high quality steel or metal shielded, and are designed to last. These systems have different structures of shelves, drawers and cabinets to gain storage and access. In addition, since security and data confidentiality are important, bank shelf systems are usually produced by taking them under protection.

Bank Shelf Systems Features and Benefits

Bank shelf systems, which can be called archival warehouse shelf systems because banks are generally located in archive warehouses, enable bank personnel to reach the documents they need faster. Other features of bank shelf systems and benefits to users:

  • Bank shelf systems are equipped with different designs for privacy barrier needs. In this way, documents can be stored securely.
  • Bank shelf systems offer a tidy storage area for documents to be easily found, accessed and for efficiency of operation.
  • It helps to use the space more effectively in warehouse arrangement. More documents can be stored in the same space with the vertical storage system.
  • The fact that it is made of durable materials such as steel or metal ensures that the bank shelf systems are long-lasting.
  • It can be shaped and designed flexibly according to different document and file types.

Bank shelving systems help in hidden points of aisles while making surveillance of banks more organized and effective. These systems make the production of bank employees more efficient and enable them to provide better service.

Which Shelf Designs Are Used in Bank Shelf Systems?

Different types of shelves can be used in bank shelves according to the documents and materials to be stored. Depending on the services and storage requirements of the banks, the following racks may be preferred:

Standard Shelves

Standard racks are usually flat and stable. It ensures proper placement of files and offers easy access. Such shelves are widely used in bank warehouses to store documents and files in an orderly manner.

Fixed Drawer Shelves

Fixed pull-out shelves are standard shelves with integrated drawers. This type of shelves allows documents or files to be organized and stored in drawers. Drawer shelves also help keep small and medium-sized documents organized.

Movable Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving systems allow banks to make the most of their storage space. The shelves move on the rail system and it is not necessary to move the other shelves to reach the desired shelf. This is an ideal option for optimizing storage space and keeping more documents in the same space.

Sliding Shelves

Sliding shelves are a system that facilitates access by sliding behind other shelves. It can be preferred to save space in bank warehouses.

Open Shelving Systems

Open shelving systems allow documents and files to be spread openly and visibly. Such shelves allow access according to business rules.

Compact Archive Shelves

Institutions that need large document storage may prefer compact archive shelves. These shelves are ideal for keeping large volumes of documents in order.

Bank shelf systems are designed to keep the documents and records of banks in an orderly manner and to make them easily accessible. Therefore, it offers different types of functional shelves suitable for the storage facilities of banks.

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