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Automotive Rack Systems

Automotive shelving systems are storage and organization solutions that are widely used in the automotive industry. Thanks to this shelf system, auto parts are kept while being stored in an orderly manner. It also provides easy access to products. Automotive rack systems; It is mainly used in places such as automobile users, distributors and service centers.

Automotive Rack Systems

Automotive Racking Systems Features

Some of the features of automotive rack systems provide convenience to users, while providing work safety and increasing productivity within the organization. The prominent features are as follows:

  • Makes the best use of storage to store more parts in less space.
  • Provides tidy storage by categorizing and tagging parts. Thus, employees can easily see the products they need.
  • As it organizes heavy loads properly, it minimizes accidents and helps work safety.
  • Provides fast and efficient distribution of products.
  • Helps the products to last longer by preventing them from being damaged, broken and impacted.
  • Easily rearranged as warehouse needs change or new parts arrive.

Types of Automotive Racking Systems

There are different shelf systems used in the automotive industry. Among the frequently preferred ones are:

Pallet Racking Systems

They are rack systems used for storing heavy loads and can be easily loaded and unloaded with forklifts.

Sliding Rack Systems

They are shelf systems that move away with sliding rails so that they can be easily moved inside the shelf.

Smart Racking Systems

Shelving systems integrated into automatic management and monitoring systems, where inventory is tracked more effectively.

Box Racking Systems

Shelving systems with boxes for small storage needs.

Automotive shelf systems; plays an important role in many areas such as warehousing, production line management, part selection and shipping. These systems are; It is often preferred to limit clusters, save time and cost, and increase customer visits.

Usage Areas of Automotive Shelving Systems

In many areas of the automotive industry, products in the scale of automotive rack systems are used. This racking system, which also provides benefits by meeting the needs of supply chain management, storage and inventory management, and security, brings commercial success. Commonly used areas in the automotive industry, which is a complex and dynamic sector:

  • In automotive production lines, shelf systems are used to store the products in an orderly manner and to deliver them to the assembly line on time. This makes the production system more efficient and streamlined.
  • In automotive spare parts warehouses, spare parts warehouse rack systems are placed in order to easily access different shapes and types of products. This allows for a more efficient maintenance of spare parts inventory.
  • Automotive sales and service centers need a rack system to store their spare equipment on the shelves in order to respond quickly and effectively to customer demands.
  • Car tires should be stored according to seasonal changes. Tire storage racking systems are the ideal solution for keeping tires organized and protecting them from damage. With rim storage rack systems, it is possible to store not only tires but also rims for long-lasting use.
  • Automotive rack systems are also used in material handling and transportation within the factory. It allows parts and materials to be easily transported by forklifts or other transport vehicles.
  • Automotive repair and maintenance shops need various spare equipment for the replacement and repair of existing parts. The fact that these sections are organized and easily accessible helps to make the workflow more efficient and organized.
  • The automotive industry is a sector that constantly develops technologies and designs. Shelving systems are also preferred for the regular storage of prototypes and test equipment.

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