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Rim Warehouse Racking Systems

Rim warehouse rack systems are a type of rack system used for products used in the automotive industry such as wheels. It is used to organize rims and similar materials to facilitate storage and accessibility.

Rim Warehouse Racking Systems

Rim storage rack systems, which are generally made of metal and have a solid structure, can be designed to suit different types of wheels. It is possible to change the shelf heights and partitions and make them suitable for the needs.

Wheel warehouse racking systems; It is widely used in places such as automotive service shops, businesses selling wheel products, automotive storage areas and tire shops. These systems offer ideal solutions for orderly storage of wheels. It also optimizes storage space, saving more space and making it easily accessible.

Wheel warehouse racking systems can be used wherever storage and organizing services are available and help reduce congestion in the automotive industry. These shelving systems play an important role in maintaining the order of storage environments and keeping items such as wheels safe.

Rim Warehouse Racking Systems Features

Wheel warehouse rack systems are specially designed for the regular storage of wheels used in the automotive industry and the like. Some key features of these racks:

  • It is made of high quality and durable material. A long-lasting and reliable structure is obtained by using solid materials such as steel or metal.
  • Shelf heights and partitions are generally portable. In this way, storage areas suitable for different wheel types can be created and the storage area can be used efficiently.
  • Rack systems are designed so that the wheels can be easily accessed. Provision of suitable areas for the regular supply and removal of rims ensures that the process processes are concluded quickly and efficiently.
  • It has high carrying properties. In this way, it can carry heavy loads easily and store a large amount of wheels or tires in the storage area.
  • Provides order and organization in storage areas. The wheels are stored in a certain order, thus avoiding clutter in the warehouse area.
  • Rim warehouse shelves save space in storage. Its height makes better use of vertical space.
  • It offers easy installation and assembly. It can be installed quickly and made ready for use.

Rim Warehouse Racking Systems Usage Areas

Wheel storage rack system is used by many organizations that sell or produce rims and similar automotive products. Generally installed areas:

Automotive Service Workshops

Automotive service shops prefer rim storage rack systems for servicing and orderly storage of rims. The wheels are placed in easily accessible compartments and used quickly in accordance with customer demands.

Tire Warehouses

Tire manufacturers use this racking system to store tires in an orderly manner. Shelf compartments suitable for different tire groups and types ensure efficient tire storage.

Wheel Manufacturers

Wheel manufacturers; uses wheel warehouse racking systems to temporarily store the wheels they produce, make them ready and arrange them before shipment.

Auto Galleries and Sales Points

Auto dealerships and outlets can use wheel warehouse shelving systems to display and sell the wheels they have in stock. In this way, a wide range of products can be offered.

Automotive Factories

In automobile production, wheel warehouse rack systems are preferred for temporary storage of wheels coming to the assembly line.

Vehicle Users

Wheel warehouse rack systems can also be preferred by vehicle owners, especially those who have spare wheels or tires for their cars. This system organizes storage environments by ensuring that spare wheels are stored in an orderly manner.

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