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Chemistry Warehouse Racking Systems

Chemical warehouse racking systems are the rack systems needed to safely store chemical products. Shelves are designed in accordance with security systems by considering the dangerous and explosive properties of chemical products.

Chemistry Warehouse Racking Systems

Many of the chemical products in chemical warehouses are of a nature that may harm human health or lead to dangerous events such as fire. For this reason, access to and storage of products is very important. Chemical warehouse racking systems are produced to organize chemicals and to ensure that they are easily accessible.

These racking systems often have wear-resistant properties. In addition, they are obtained from special products to ensure proper storage according to the characteristics of chemical substances. They may have special protectors, such as flaming-proof shelving systems for flammable chemicals, or shelving systems with corrosion-resistant coatings for chemicals such as acids.

Chemical warehouse shelf systems are created by considering the elements such as chemical materials, occupational safety and environmental protection. Therefore, the use of such special racks in chemical storage facilities is important for safety and order.

Chemical Warehouse Racking Systems Features

Chemical warehouse racking systems that allow the safe use of chemical products are generally used in chemical storage facilities, laboratories, industrial facilities. General features of chemical warehouse racking systems in these areas:

  • Chemicals can often contain aggressive and harmful ingredients. For this reason, shelving systems are durable and corrosion-proof and designed to prevent chemicals from damaging the shelf and collapsing.
  • There are necessary safety measures on the shelves to protect chemical products. Shelf rails, limiters and covers on the shelf edges are the elements that will prevent the products from being damaged.
  • Not every chemical product is stored in the same way. Some chemicals are stored in a cool, dry place, while others require specific temperature and humidity ranges for storage. Chemical warehouse shelving systems are designed to suit such products and help the stability of chemicals.
  • It is important for company employees that the products are easily found and accessible. Different arrangement options, coloring or numbering are possible with shelf systems.
  • Many chemicals have properties that can increase the fire risk. Shelving systems have fire protection measures. Using flame retardant materials for flammable materials is one of these measures.
  • Each chemistry storage requirement may be different. Therefore, the shelves are specially produced according to the demands. Shelves can be supplied in desired dimensions and additional features upon order.
  • Guidelines for the safe use of chemical products and data about the product may be placed on shelf systems. This feature also simplifies warehousing and speeds up product evaluation and inventory control.

Usage Areas of Chemical Warehouse Shelving Systems

Chemical warehouse racking systems are designed for the safe and orderly handling of chemical products in various industries and fields. Areas where rack systems are commonly used:

Chemical Industry

Chemical manufacturing and storage facilities use racking systems for a variety of chemical products. Among the reasons for preference of the facilities are the regular storage and safe storage of the products.


Chemical analysis laboratories and research centers include a chemistry shelf system for their personnel to easily access chemicals and work safely.


Hospitals and medical care centers use chemical warehouse racking systems for the safety of medical chemicals and other medical waste.

Educational Institutes

Schools and universities with chemistry labs incorporate these systems to allow their students to experiment and access chemicals safely.


Pharmacies need a chemistry warehouse shelving system for pharmaceutical application. Thanks to the shelves, they store the products in an orderly manner.

Agricultural and Agrochemicals

Special shelf systems are used to store fertilizers, pesticides and other agrochemicals used in the agricultural sector.

Oil and Gas Industry

For the safety of chemical products in institutions using oil and gas, chemical warehouse racking system is preferred.

Automotive Industry

Appropriate shelf systems are used for products such as oils, chemical cleaners and paint used in the automotive industry.

Textile Industry

Textile dyes, chemicals and other materials are organized with the chemical warehouse rack system.

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