Boutique Merve Aksoy Brand Takes Warehouse Organization to the Higher Level with Setraf Metalsistem Hanger Shelf Systems

Merve Aksoy, which has a pioneering mission for years by being at the heart of the clothing industry, has always continued its efforts to provide quality service to its customers. This brand, known as Boutique Merve Aksoy, aims to offer the most stylish and trendy options in the clothing world by reaching its customers not only through its physical stores but also through its digital platforms. In line with this goal, warehouse management and stock arrangement play an important role.

Boutique Merve Aksoy Brand Takes Warehouse Organization to the Higher Level with <b>Setraf</b> <b>Metalsistem</b> Hanger Shelf Systems

Application Light and Medium Load Storage
System Metalsistem Hanger Shelf System
Height 2m 50cm
Floor 2 Floor
Carrying Capacity per Floor 150 Kg
Warehouse Area 400 m²


Recently, the rapid growth and expansion of the Butik Merve Aksoy brand has created the need for a more effective solution in warehouse management. At this point, Metalsistem Hanger Racking System came into play and completely transformed Merve Aksoy's warehouse arrangement. Thanks to the shelving system, warehouse space began to be used more efficiently, products were stored more regularly and became easily accessible.

Since Merve Aksoy's mission is to bring clothing enthusiasts together with the most stylish and trendy options, the order and accessibility offered by the shelving system have contributed greatly to customer satisfaction. Quick availability of products offers customers an uninterrupted and enjoyable shopping experience.

Merve Aksoy's success and growth shows once again how important it is to have a suitable warehouse management solution. As the company continues to take every step necessary to maintain its pioneering mission in the clothing world, this solution to warehouse organization has helped them make their business even more efficient.


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